Teff il cereale
…from the heart of the earth...
…exclusively of African origin certified...
...naturally GLUTEN FREE...

Teff is an ancient Ethiopian cereal, also known as Estate Lovegrass (Eragrostis TEF) though until recently it was popular only in Ethiopia.
The cereal is sown in Africa, grown in a natural way without GMO, and then hand-picked, sifted, controlled, certified at the point of origin, packed and shipped.
The name Teff comes from the Aramaic word “teffa” (loss), referring to the small dimensions of the grains and highlighting the ease to lose them. In fact Teff is the smallest among all cereals (just 1.5 mm in length and 1 mm diameter).
Researchers estimated that the origins of Teff date back to 5.000 years ago.
Various statements prove that Teff was cultivated in Ethiopia between 4.000 and 1.000 BC and nowadays it's still the most important cereal in the Ethiopian diet.
In ancient times the Ethiopian Empire extended across North-Eastern Africa. Also Egyptian Pharaohs clearly understood the value of this tiny and yet nutritionally powerful grain. In fact, Teff remains have been found in the great pyramids excavations.
Teff grows on high lands, between 1.800 and 2.500 m. above sea level.
Four different types of Teff exist in nature.
Our company only imports exclusively from Africa two types:
The spread of Teff definitely begun when the Scientific Research declared that it is the most nutritious among all commonly used kinds of cereal grains.
This type of cereal primarily holds the record of iron, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins content, with the highest amount of good quality amino acids and proteins.


Being naturally gluten free is one of the most important characteristics of Teff.
Around 2% of the European population is gluten intolerant. Teff offers a huge support to people who are coeliac, and can become a great alternative to existing cereal products, being nutritious and tasty.
Teff is one of the most nutrient-rich and easily digestible cereals in the world. It has always been known for its high iron content, while more recent researches have demonstrated that Teff has lots of other important nutritional qualities and can contain up to
14% protein, 84% complex carbohydrates, 2% fat and it is rich in amino acids.
Like all cereals, Teff mainly supplies complex carbohydrates (starch) but also contains an important protein percentage; moreover it includes an excellent assortment of 8 essential amino acids among its properties.
Teff, with its tiny flavoured seeds, is also five times richer in potassium, calcium, phosphorus than common available cereals and is rich in a variety of easily assimilable iron, which is making it particularly suitable for those seeking to increase athletic performances. Teff also contains the highest amount of lysine and thiamine in comparison with barley, wheat or any other grain.
Due to its small size, Teff cannot get separated or transformed in any way and its flour contains every single part of the seed including the bran, the angiosperm and the germ which makes it higher in Fibre than any other cereal. Renowned scientific studies have demonstrated that Teff stimulates the colon flora and is an important deterrent for diabetes.
Thanks to its base-protein nutritional values and its easy digestibility, Teff is used as an essential component in athletes’ diet and is now becoming a widely used ingredient in children’s food.

teff il cereale